B+G&S Nigeria Limited is highly experienced in the construction industry both in Nigeria and Overseas. The company is a significant Nigerian construction, procurement and logistics Service Company employed in all the fields of the construction industry; specialized in Pipeline, Flowline and Facilities Construction in both land and swamp. The Founders of the company are seasoned Nigerian professionals who have distinguished themselves in their areas of professional calling. Building on a solid foundation, the company is made up of a strong and dynamic board of directors, an efficient management team and a result-oriented workforce that is made up of both local and expatriate staff. All these professionals work collectively to achieve set goals and targets and are also committed to excellence. These highly qualified and experienced persons are dedicated to render quality services to our clients at all times. B+G&S NIGERIA LIMITED is particularly aware of and committed to focus on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in accordance with international practice. We also operate our own equipment yards, repair and recondition our workshops to international standards.