In responsibility to our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors, it is our prime objective to ensure economic success on a long-term basis. Targeted activities, early identification of chances and risks and their responsible consideration safeguard the continuity of our company and protect our stakeholders' interests. Owing to systematic and continual improvement, we will be able to meet the challenges of the future.


Our activities are focused on satisfying our customers' warranted requirements and expectations. We meet market demands through close contacts with our customers, professionalism, innovative ideas and competitive pricing. As part of our strategies and objectives, we openly communicate information and experiences to our customers. We warrant the required confidentiality and discretion.


In order to meet our objectives, we put emphasis on efficient and competent employees. We promote the Company's knowledge by professional development and training, support personal development of our employees and provide adequate information and suitable working conditions. Our employees actively inform themselves, match their personal interests with the Company's objectives and regard the Company's objectives as prior. Health and safety of our employees and all other parties to our activities are among our main concerns.


For the purpose of quality and profitability of our services, we also count on the experience and capacity of well-selected suppliers and subcontractors.


We respect human rights to a safe environment and promote common welfare. We observe the existing laws and recognize the rules of fair competition. We are aware of our environmental responsibility and we strive for economic handling of energy, natural resources and reduction of noxious emissions and waste in ALL our operations.