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Projects We Have Handled

Replacement of stolen Ebgoro 4 F/L 91.9Km) from Ebegoro 1 flowline & Connection to Ebegoro 7 (4.5km)NAOC/ RIVER CREEKB+G&SCompletedJan 2011
Removal of bunkering point on 10" IRRI-Kwale pipeline at Agwe-EtitiNAOCB+G&SCompletedMarch 2011
Laying of 5km dual string 4'' sch APL 5l grade x52 flowline from ebegoro 4 location to ob/ob gas plantNAOCB+G&SCompletedApril 2011
12" and 18" casing major road crossing (Thrustboiring) of Omoku Ebegoro road and Omoku-Obikorom road along Ebegoro "M" rowNAOCB+G&SCompletedJune 2011
Layingg of 3.5KM dual string 4" buried flowline from Oleh B location to Irri Flow stationNAOCB+G&SCompletedSept 2011
Modification of well 3&4 arrival line and oleh B slots in irri flowstation arrival manifoldNAOCB+G&SCompletedSept 2011
Fabrication and supply of 4 nos sand trapsNAOCB+G&SCompletedNov, 2011
Oleh 2 long string 4" By-pass flowline installation by hot tapping.NAOCB+G&SCompletedDec. 2011
Layingg of 3.5KM dual string 6" buried flowline from Oleh C location to Irri Flow stationNAOCB+G&SCompletedJan 2012
Modification of 10" Irri-kwale gas arrival at OB/OB gas plant including a 10 " hot tappingNAOCB+G&SCompletedJan 2012
4" flowline laying at EBocha 23 (Location 7) to Ebocha oil centre and wellhead materialsNAOCB+G&SCompletedNOV 2012
Spill detection Multipoint Acoustic sensing project for Kwale flowstationNAOCB+G&SCompletedJUNE 2013
Spill detection Multipoint Acoustic sensing project for Akri flowstationNAOCB+G&SCompletedJUNE 2013
Laying of Add. 2km Flowline Ebegoro 4" OB/OBNAOCB+G&SCompletedAugust 2013
Installation of sections of 36" ELP II (Escravos- Lagos) pipeline by thrustboring methodZAKHEM/NNPCB+G&SCompleted

Ogbainbiri Crude Oil storage tank EPC project (Dia 33m x 15m height) - EPC for upgrading of Ogbainbiri flowstation
Installation of Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger at Ob-Ob gas plantNAOCB+G&SCompleted
Samabiri Wellhead control panel upgradingNAOCB+G&SCompleted
Lagos Ijegun petroleum storage tank foundationEARTHCORE ENGINEERINGB+G&SCompleted

Replacement of 6" Schedule 120 flowlines for Ebocha water reinjection project
Simultaneous Water and Natural gas disposal (SWAN)NAOCB+G&SCompleted
Kpone Independent Power Plant Project Tema GhanaAB Engineering Company LimitedB+G&SCompleted
Ultrasonic Gas Metering system, OB/OB Gas plantNAOCB+G&SCompleted
185 CFA Piling Work, Egbema, Imo StateKiloGlobalB+G&SCompleted