Procurement Solutions

Taking care of your procurement needs.

Seamless Procurement Solutions

B + G & S NIGERIA LIMITED have the capability to procure and deliver civil construction materials and equipment needed in the day-to-day operations of the Construction, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries. Our services involve both local and international sourcing of specific needs of our clients. Below is a list of what we can procure for you.

Leasing/Maintenance of Land Construction Equipment.

1. Graders         2. Pavers             3. Compactors       4. Cranes

5. Excavators   6. Bulldozers.

Leasing I Maintenance of Swamp Construction Equipment.

1. House Boats     2.  Swamp Buggies      3. Pontoons

4. Winches            5. Tug boats           

Land Logistics Support Services.

1. Land Logistic Support.     2. Low Bed Trailers    3. Self Loaders

4. Pick-up trucks    5. Flat bed trailers     6. Low Bed Trucks

Swamp Logistic Support Services.

1. Barges  2. Ramp barges    3. Crew boats  4. Supply Vessels