Rope Access

Rope access training is crucial for those venturing into offshore and height workspaces. It equips individuals with the necessary skills to safely access challenging areas using ropes, harnesses, and specialized equipment. The training comprises three levels certified by IRATA:

Level 1:

Entry-level training catering to individuals with minimal or no rope access experience. It covers basic safety procedures, rope work, equipment usage, and rescue techniques.

Level 2:

Designed for technicians who have completed level 1 and gained some industry experience. This level includes advanced techniques such as horizontal rope work, complex rigging systems, and rescuing other technicians.

Level 3:

An advanced course for experienced technicians who have completed level 2. It encompasses complex rescue techniques, advanced rigging systems, and the ability to work in potentially hazardous environments.

This structured training ensures competence and proficiency in various rope access techniques, laying the foundation for safe and effective operations in challenging work environments.

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